Rethink Procurement

Consolidate, centralize and analyze supplier data to reduce costs and improve performance

Uncertainty in the marketplace has become today's norm, and protecting your business from risk and volatility in these conditions is a challenge. Without visibility into global spend, sourcing events, contracts and your supply base, you're putting your business at serious risk. Do you have the deep global visibility your procurement team needs to drive compliance, improvement and innovation? We'll show you how IBM can help -- through our portfolio of cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service and on-premise software solutions.


How to Drive Supplier Innovation for Competitive Advantage

In today’s environment, with costs soaring, more companies are looking externally to their network of partners, especially their suppliers to pursue innovative ideas that will deliver profitable and value building growth to the business.


A-Z on Telecom Sourcing and Expense Management: Building the Business Case and Best Practices

In this interactive webinar, Russ Burd of 2Markets discusses how sourcing organizations can leverage their network inventory to transform telecom sourcing events. John Colbert shares IBM's own experience deploying the Emptoris Rivermine solution.

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Procurement: Managing Cost and Risk in a Complex World

Cost savings remains the #1 goal, but now procurement needs to minimize risk, ensure compliance and expand its contributions to the value chain. Learn how to gain visibility and control over complex spend and supplier relationships.


2013 CPO Study Survey Results Featuring the CPO of Novartis

Today’s procurement organizations are under intense pressure to adjust to rapid economic shifts. Watch this webinar to see the groundbreaking results of the industry's largest, most comprehensive Chief Procurement Officer study ever conducted followed by an interactive panel discussion with the high performing CPO of Novartis, Phillip Duncan and the CEO of Sourcing Interests Group, Dawn Evans.


Transforming Big Blue's Procurement Operations

Called “magnificent” by the Harvard Business Review: IBM transformed from a hardware company into the leading global services and solutions provider—and procurement transformation was key to that success story. Join John Paterson, Chief Procurement Officer at IBM, to learn how this evolution is realizing over $7 billion in sustainable savings.


Procurement Challenge – You’ve Cut Costs, What’s Next?

Many organizations today are increasingly focusing their procurement, contract and supply base management functions on ensuring compliance and controlling risk in order to deliver value faster. Watch this webinar with experts from SpendMatters and learn how leading companies are powering their procurement transformation.

The Procurement Perspective

Procurement is crucial to delivering products and pricing that customers want, but growing supply chain complexity makes it more challenging than ever. An agile, integrated procurement environment enables you to optimize supplier interactions to generate value for customers in every transaction, mastering complexity and achieving sustainable savings.

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Emptoris Contact Management Infographic

Contracts are critical to business relationships, yet the contract lifecycle can be incredibly complex to manage. Enterprises with greater visibility and control are able to structure stronger contracts.


Understanding Software Options for Managing Vendor Risk

Read this report from Forrester to learn about the four main areas of vendor risk, and discover what it takes to find a solution that can keep your organization secure.


Insights into Enterprise Telecom Expense Management

Read this report to see the results of a cross-industry survey of 100 executives, primarily from Fortune 1000 companies. Get a wealth of information about the procurement practices, KPIs and planned TEM investments of leading organizations.


Supplier Risk: The Gateway to Brand Risk

Read this whitepaper to discover the how a deep level of supplier visibility can mitigate risk, and find out how data integration and supplier coordination can increase the resilience of your organization.


For Want of Clean and Accurate Supplier Data, the Supply Chain Was Lost

Read this report from Spend Matters to uncover the challenges and opportunities of data management across the supply chain, and learn how to gain control of supplier and vendor information in order to reduce risks and keep your supply chain secure.


The Benefits of Integrated Supplier Management

Read this white paper to learn how to manage supplier risk in today’s global business environment, and find out how IBM solutions can help you consistently control supplier risks across every business process.


The Forrester Wave™: VMS, Q1 2014

Contingent workforce and SOW/project functionality are two key areas of capabilities for the Vendor Management System (VMS) market. Learn why IBM is ranked a leader in this report.


Gartner Report: Critical Capabilities for Telecom Expense Management

Read this report from Gartner to get a detailed assessment of TEM offerings, and learn why IBM Emptoris Rivermine received the highest rating of “Outstanding” for software and service solutions viability.


IBM Institute for Business Value Chief Procurement Officer Study

IBM's Institute for Business Value (IBV) surveyed 1128 Procurement executives from around the globe in all industries, making this the largest, most comprehensive procurement study ever done. Download the study now to learn how Procurement executives can increase their influence over strategic business imperatives by driving efficiency and performance, introduce innovative new processes and uncover new insight into supplier networks that have a measurable effect on the bottom line.

Case Study

Finding New Ways to Manage Global Telecommunications Spend

It’s an increasingly mobile and connected world, with many businesses struggling to keep their communication channels current. And yet, we rely more than ever on the Internet, telecom networks and mobile technologies to conduct business, meet customer needs and remain competitive. Read this case study to find out how IBM implemented a telecom management solution to gain visibility and control over multiple telecom categories across business units, carriers and service types.

White Paper

CPO Roundtable: A Conversation on Risk Management

What are leading Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) doing to deal with the uncertainties of today’s global economy, and how are they preparing to meet the challenges ahead? Read this white paper to get insights from a recent CPO roundtable and learn how CPO’s are defining, managing, and mitigating risk across their business. Find out which factors they use to prioritize and target suppliers for risk profiling, and learn how they gain the visibility and control they need to keep their business secure—and successful—in any economic climate.

White Paper

Next Generation Risk Management

The stakes for understanding and mitigating risk in supply management have never been higher. Globalization, low-cost country sourcing and the economic climate have accelerated volatility and risk—and procurement professionals are under intense pressure to not only avoid supply disruptions, but also to improve supplier intelligence, collaboration and performance. Read this white paper to discover an innovative framework for successfully managing business and supplier risk in the new global operating environment.

White Paper

A CPO Conversation on Procurement Priorities

Read this white paper to gain insights from the CPO Roundtable held at the recent ProcureCon conference to find out how procurement leaders are planning to deal with risk management, global sourcing strategies, compliance programs, and more. Discover the top priorities on the “CPO Agenda” for 2014, and learn how CPO’s leaders across multiple industries plan to drive compliance, performance and innovation across their supply base.

Case Study

Transforming Big Blue's Procurement Operations: IBM Case Study

Download this new case study to learn how the IBM procurement organization transformed their people, processes and technologies to realize over $7 billion in sustainable savings.

Analyst Paper

2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites Report

Read this report from Gartner to learn why IBM is ranked a "Leader" for the second consecutive Strategic Sourcing Suite Magic Quadrant report. Gartner has recognized IBM Emptoris for strength of products, breadth of vision, financial strength, global client base and experience with large scale implementations.  Download a complimentary copy of the report now.

White Paper

Risk and Resilience

Managing supply risk has become a strategic imperative for procurement executives at global organizations. Read this new white paper to learn about the top risk factors that procurement professionals should be aware of, and find out how to counter them by building a more resilient value chain.


The Forrester Wave™: Sourcing and Vendor Management (SVM) Tool set, Q1 2013

Looking for the right sourcing and supplier management solution? Download "The Forrester Wave™: Sourcing and Vendor Management (SVM) Tool Set, Q1 2013" to get help in your evaluation process, and find out why IBM Emptoris was recognized for "deep functionality…plugged into an intriguing supply master solution."

White Paper

The Journey To Procurement Excellence White Paper

Read this white paper to learn how best-in-class procurement organizations are reducing costs, maximizing working capital, managing market volatility and mitigating risk on their journey to procurement excellence.

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Statistic 1

5 to 7% is the amount of savings CPOs are looking to achieve annually.

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Source: CFO
Statistic 1

50% is the average percent of product value derived from suppliers.

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Source: CAPS Research
Statistic 1

Only 25% of negotiated and identified cost savings are implemented at the average organization.

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Source: Aberdeen Group, "The CPO's Agenda for 2012… and Beyond," October 2012.
Statistic 1

Only 20% of organizations are tracking supplier corporate social responsibility.

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Source: "The Year of the Supplier: Perspectives on Supplier Management in 2011", published by Aberdeen, May 2011
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IBM Smarter Commerce Helps TD Bank Drive Procurement Performance and Innovation

Solution Video

IBM Emptoris Rivermine Telecom Expense Management

Solution Video

IBM Emptoris Program Managementt

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Contract Management

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Strategic Sourcing - Getting Past Low Hanging Fruit

Solution Video

IBM Emptoris Virtual Supply Master technology

Customer Video

BP Lubricants Procurement Manager Talks Adaptive Procurement

Expert Video

Meet the Supplier Lifecycle Management Expert: Martin Berr-Sorokin

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Practical Approaches for Tackling Services Procurement

Expert Video

Services Procurement - How to Get Started

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Strategic Sourcing - Demystifying Optimization

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Strategic Sourcing - How To Do More With Less

Expert Video

Mitigating Risk in the Food & Beverage Industry

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Strategic Sourcing - How to Guarantee Lowest Total Cost Awards

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Meet the Expert: Craig Hayman on Smarter Commerce

Global Summit 2014

While at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014 Tampa, you can enhance your skills as an innovative leader in your company. Learn critical strategies on how to meet the expectations of your “Chief Executive Customer” and more:

  1. Apply the vision. You've seen the pace of change in the market. Customers are moving at the speed of life, and it's your responsibility to recognize and respond to this new reality. Discover the procurement strategies and solutions that are driving customer value today and be better prepared for what comes next.
  2. Make an industry impact. When you gain an edge in the latest procurement knowledge and best practices, you can transform your organization. And when your organization transforms, your competitors are forced to play catch up.
  3. Plug into the network. The brightest business minds from around the world like to share. Hear what your peers are saying about procurement, and make it your own.
  4. Maximize your investment. Your company has made an investment and you play an essential part in making the most of it. Learn new ways to maximize your IBM procurement solution through in-depth technical and business sessions.
  5. See it first. Get a glimpse into the future and learn about the latest trends in procurement, including how to manage a global supply base, optimize complex processes and make sense of data scattered across disparate systems.

Be prepared to make a difference when you leave; you will take away tools, tips and knowledge you can use immediately to drive results and transform your business.

Learn More
IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014

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