Rethink B2B Integration

Move from manual to automated and recognize revenue more quickly

Conducting business-to-business transactions is not easy. The shrinking number of EDI experts, keeping up with the automation of new or smaller partners, the increase in standards protocols, and data makes it overwhelming. Are you confident your B2B operations are capable of delivering a synchronized, extended value chain of customers, suppliers and partners? We'll show you how IBM can help -- through our portfolio of cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service and on-premise software solutions.


Enabling an “Always On” Global Trading Partner Network

Watch this webinar on advanced communications from IBM to learn about the innovative solutions that can improve relationships with customers and trading partners by enabling “always on” communications.

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Rethinking IT Integration for Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Social

96% of IT pros surveyed see a big impact on business from cloud, big data, mobile, and social. Read this report to find out how these forces are impacting B2B integration strategies, and how you can drive improved business benefits.

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Bridging the Business/IT Divide in B2B Integration

Line of business managers demand more bottom-line benefits from B2B integration—and they blame IT if these initiatives fail to meet their expectations. What does it take to bridge the gap and get business and IT to work together?

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IT: Optimizing B2B Integration to Fuel Business Performance

IT is tasked with optimizing complex global B2B networks to improve business agility and cost-efficiency. See how leading organizations are making secure and seamless multi-enterprise business processes a reality.


IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Basic Edition: B2B Integration Made Affordable

Join this webinar to discover IBM’s latest release of its market-leading B2B integration platform, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Basic Edition, that delivers the essential features of integration and electronic document interchange capabilities at an affordable price, and see how to gain increased visibility into every process throughout your value chain.

The B2B Integration Perspective

IT is increasingly expected to optimize complex global B2B networks to improve business flexibility, time to market and cost-efficiency. The IT systems supporting B2B processes need to evolve towards seamless execution across multiple functions, making possible the visibility and agility your enterprise needs to satisfy demanding customers.

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Standards processing: The key to simplifying B2B integration

Industry standards can automate business transactions and information. Discover how the right standards processing solution can drive universal data transformation, reduce costs and improve efficiency across the value chain.


Bridging the Business/IT Divide in B2B integration

Today’s customers and suppliers expect efficient electronic commerce, making B2B integration more critical than ever. Check out this infographic to learn how to close the gap between business and IT to make the most of B2B integration.


Is Your IT integration Ready for Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Social?

Check out infographic to look at just a few ways that cloud, big data, mobile and social are driving new levels of engagement, innovation and efficiency across global business and IT ecosystems.


Find Out What it Takes to Tackle Your Tough B2B Integration Challenges

Check out this infographic to see what it takes to integrate complex multi-enterprise B2B processes and enable efficient, flexible and secure collaboration across your growing business partner community.

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Magic Quadrant for Integration Brokerage (IB)

What are the defining features of an exceptional integration brokerage (IB) vendor? Read this Gartner Magic Quadrant Report to find out why over one million companies worldwide are leveraging integration brokerage.

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Are You Ready for a New Era in B2B Collaboration?

In today’s connected, always-on, mobile and global business environment, ensuring effective B2B collaboration can be a huge challenge. What does it take to improve the performance of trading partners and customers throughout the entire value chain?


Predicts 2014: Nexus of Forces Drives Evolution of Integration Strategy

Did you know? "By 2017, in large organizations at least 65% of new integration flows will be developed outside the control of IT departments." Read report to learn more predictions of how integration projects and strategy will evolve.


B2B Cloud Integration: A Strategic Approach to Optimizing Your Value Chain

Can B2B cloud integration help your business reduce complexity while bringing down costs at the same time? Learn about the many ways B2B cloud integration can boost profitability and accelerate B2B collaboration across your value chain.


Gartner Magic Quadrant for On-Premises Application Integration Suites

Read this report from Gartner to learn why IBM is ranked a "Leader". IBM B2B integration solutions can help synchronize your value chain of partners, suppliers and customers to deliver the products and services your customers.


Demystifying Industry Standards

What exactly are EDI and industry standards such as SWIFT and HIPAA, and how do they impact your business? Review this eBook to get an in-depth understanding of industry standards, and learn how to provide the right information and support around these standards to customers, suppliers and IT colleagues.

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Reducing B2B total cost of ownership: on average, for every $1.00 invested with IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services, organizations realized $3.57 in reduced costs, increased productivity and other business benefits.

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Source: Business Value of IBM Sterling Integration Services, IDC White Paper, 2012
Statistic 1

Typically the top 20% of an enterprise's trading partners account for 80% of its total business volume.

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Source: Based on eCOM estimates.
Statistic 1

78% and 53% respectively - Organizations who still rely on Email and Fax/Postal Mail for transactions (invoices, POs, etc.) with customer suppliers and other 3rd parties in their B2B community (Email and Fax/Postal Mail each represent more than 25% of all transactions for those organizations)

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Source: 2013 Vanson Bourne B2B Integration and MFT Global Study for IBM
Statistic 1

574 - The average number of customers, partners, and suppliers in an organization's B2B community.
11 - The average number of protocols an organization supports across their B2B community
5 - The average number of EDI/B2B systems being used within any one organization.

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Source: 2013 Vanson Bourne B2B Integration and MFT Global Study for IBM

Video: Another Perspective

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Advanced Solution for Trading Partner Communications

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Optimizing Your Buying Processes

Customer Video

Smarter Commerce at Johnson Controls

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Smarter Commerce at Unisource Canada

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IBM Sterling B2B Integration Solutions Overview

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IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services Explainer

Global Summit 2014

While at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014 Tampa, you can enhance your skills as an innovative leader in your company. Learn critical strategies on how to meet the expectations of your “Chief Executive Customer” and more:

  1. Apply the vision. You've seen the technological pace of change in the market. Customers are moving at the speed of life, and it's your responsibility to recognize and respond to this new reality. Discover and apply the right strategies and solutions that are driving customer value.
  2. Make an industry impact. When you gain an edge in the latest technical knowledge and implementations, you can transform your IT operations. And when your operations transform, your competitors are forced to play catch up.
  3. Plug into the network. The brightest technical and business minds from around the world like to share. Hear what your technical peers are saying, and make it your own.
  4. Maximize your investment. Your company has made an investment and you play an essential part in making the most of it. Learn new ways to maximize your IBM infrastructure and solutions through in-depth technical sessions.
  5. See it first. Get a glimpse into the future and learn about the latest technical trends in Enterprise Marketing Management, B2B, Commerce Customer Experience Management, Enterprise Content Management, and Procurement.

Be prepared to make a difference when you leave; you will take away tools, tips and knowledge you can use immediately to drive results and transform your business.

Learn More
IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014

Summit Twitter Feed

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  • @eredmil1 RT #IBMSmrtCommerce: 86% of buyers will pay more for a better #custexp #awadehra #SmarterCommerce…
  • @IBMSmrtCommerce 86% of buyers will pay more for a better #custexp #awadehra #SmarterCommerce
  • @porattir According to #nrf, 1 in 4 back-to-college shoppers say a retailer's website motivates them to shop with that retailer. #IBM #smartercommerce
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  • @TorrealCielo RT #WaveCero: #theRealKiyosaki You will love my today's Post: "The fifth quadrant, A.I works for you" #SmarterCommerce
  • @WaveCero #theRealKiyosaki You will love my today's Post: "The fifth quadrant, A.I works for you" #SmarterCommerce

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