Rethink Business

Put your connected customers in context and at the center of your business

Your customers are connected 24/7. Keeping these empowered customers as your customers has made it imperative to optimize and better coordinate the buying, marketing, selling and service processes that power your business. Are you staying ahead of your Chief Executive Customer and thriving in today's social and digital age? We'll show you how IBM can help -- through our portfolio of cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service and on-premise software solutions.


Interview with Craig Hayman: Where and how Software as a Service is making a difference

Software as a Service (SaaS) is on the rise around the world—and IBM research shows that forward-thinking organizations are using SaaS to gain a significant competitive advantage. But exactly why—and how—are these companies taking SaaS to the next level?


How to Put Customers at the Center of Your Business

Join this webinar with Constellation Research principal analyst Ray Wang to learn how to put customers at the center of your business.


Discover how you can help deliver flawless customer experiences that are highly informed and orchestrated, in order to drive profitable growth and customer loyalty.


Connect People with Collaborative Business Networks Through SaaS

Now more than ever, business gets done through connections. Information sharing, community building, and collaborative planning are necessary ingredients for staying effective. Join this webinar to learn how Software as a Service (SaaS) is rewiring the approaches for how people and information are aligned.

Video eBook
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The Journey to Smarter Commerce

In this eBook, you'll find an overview of IBM Smarter Commerce principles, processes and technologies that innovators have in place today to achieve business excellence.


Capitalizing on Mobile Moments

Expand your business capabilities by redefining the end-to-end mobile customer experience. Join this webcast to learn how to reach consumers at the moment of decision by leveraging location services, and learn how to increase value by delivering the kinds of mobile capabilities that drive loyalty and satisfaction.


Turbocharge Your Business: Leveraging SaaS to Drive Innovation and Results

Market forces are putting pressure on business leaders to innovate faster than ever. Cloud solutions—and software as a service (SaaS) in particular—can make it happen. Join this webinar to get expert insights on how to use SaaS to make your organization more effective, agile, and responsive to the needs of your customers.


Make Your Business Smarter with Cloud-Based Analytics

Every hour of every day, the amount of data collected is growing at an amazing rate. In every industry, companies are drowning in a wave of data: customer behavior, market changes, supplier performance, sales figures and more. How can you turn the tide and use this data to gain the advantage?

The Executive Perspective

Customers, suppliers, data, complexity—the digital age is unleashing profound changes that challenge the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the C-suite. Leaders are reimagining the commerce value chain across the functions of buy, sell, market and service. It's about synchronization, collaboration and analytics with the customer at the center.

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Moments Matter: Deliver Superb Customer Journeys with Smarter Commerce

What does it take to deliver a superb customer journey in today's globally connected and always-on world? Learn how Smarter Commerce is letting businesses apply insights and data to reach and engage customers at every crucial touch point.


What’s Driving the Move to SaaS? Get Insights from the IBM Survey

Software as a Service (SaaS) use has skyrocketed over the last few years… and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the worldwide market is expected to grow from US$18.2 billion in 2012 to US$45.6 billion in 2017. What’s driving that demand?


Empowered Customers Drive Collaborative Business Evolution

Today's successful organizations need to adapt quickly in both the how they do business and how they leverage technology, but research shows that many are falling short.


Read this groundbreaking study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM, to understand how empowered customers are changing the way businesses are doing business—both now and in the future.


Designing for Buyer-Centricity

Consumerization of technologies, manifested in trends such as social networking, mobility, cloud services and big data, has raised the expectations of buyers as to the art of the possible. Get 10 strategies for sellers to align themselves for buyer-centricity while meeting revenue goals and offsetting margin pressures.


Winning Over the Empowered Consumers - Why Trust Matters

Consumers are willing to give their loyalty to only a select few retailers. Learn why trust matters in this IBM Institute for Business Value report based on a survey of more than 28,000 consumers from around the world.


Executive Guide: Transform Your Business with Software as a Service

Customers are more demanding, the competitive landscape is more dynamic, and the structure of companies today is evolving faster than ever. How can you transform your business to make it more customer-centric, collaborative, and competitive? Download this eBook to find out how.

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Online sales on Thanksgiving Day grew by 17.4%, followed by Black Friday, where sales increased 20.7% over last year.

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Source: IBM 2012 Holiday Benchmark Report
Statistic 1

Between 500 million and 1 billion people will access financial services by mobile by 2015. The MFS market will be dominated by Asia, driven by mobile operator-led initiatives in developing nations to bank the unbanked. Remittance/transfers by mobile is growing three times faster than m-banking.

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Source: mobiThinking, June 2012
Statistic 1

Global e-commerce sales will top $1.25 trillion by 2013. The total number of Internet users will grow to approximately 3.5 billion.

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Source: Interactive Media in Retail Group via Internet Retailer
Statistic 1

60% of B2B customer buying decisions are completed before engaging with your sales teams. Customer insight, mobile, and integrated digital marketing executions are key priorities to establish brand preference and accelerate purchase decisions.

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Source: Harvard Business Review - 'The End of Solution Sales" by Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon, and Nicholas Toman, August 2012

Video: Another Perspective

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Solutions Video

IBMCloud Overview Video

Experts Video

IBM Executive Perspective on SaaS: Alisa Mackin

Experts Video

IBM Executive Perspective on SaaS: Craig Hayman

Experts Video

IBM Executive Perspective on SaaS: Kareem Yusuf

Global Summit 2014

While at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014 Tampa, you can enhance your skills as an innovative leader in your company. Learn critical strategies on how to meet the expectations of your “Chief Executive Customer” and more:

  1. Apply the vision. You’ve seen the pace of change in the market. Customers are moving at the speed of life and rewriting the rules as they go. Embrace this new reality and apply the strategies and solutions that are driving customer value today.
  2. Make an industry impact. When you gain an edge in the latest industry knowledge and best practices, you can transform your business.  And when your business transforms, your competitors are forced to play catch up.
  3. Plug into the network. The brightest technical and business minds from around the world like to share. Hear what your peers are saying, and then make it your own.
  4. Maximize your investment. Your company has made an investment and you play an essential part in making the most of it. Learn new ways to maximize your IBM solutions through in-depth technical and business sessions.
  5. See it first. Get a glimpse into the future and learn about the latest trends in Enterprise Marketing Management, B2B, Commerce Customer Experience Management, Enterprise Content Management and Procurement.

Be prepared to make a difference when you leave; you will take away tools, tips and knowledge you can use immediately to drive results and transform your business.

Learn More
IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014

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  • @LaurieJohnson2 For some, the scariest thing this Halloween is Christmas! #smartercommerce #amaclin1
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